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Eastern Bohemia

Hradec Králové Region is an administrative unit of the Czech Republic, located in the north-eastern part of the historical region of Bohemia. It is named after its capital Hradec Králové. The region neighbours the Pardubice Region in the south, the Central Bohemian Region in the south-west, and the Liberec Region in the west. It also shares a 208 km long international border with Polish Lower Silesian Voivodship in the north and the east.

Hradec Králové Region has an area of 4 759 km2 and represents 6% of the total area of the Czech Republic. In terms of size, it is the ninth largest region of the Czech Republic.
The Giant Mountains and the Orlické Mountains, located in the northern and northeastern parts of the region, pass into the fertile Elbe (Lowland of the Elbe). Two thirds of the Giant Mountains National Park lies on the territory of the region. The Krkonoše Mountains and the Orlické Mountains are separated by the Broumov Expansion with large rocky towns – Adrspach-Teplé rocks, Broumov Hills, Cross Hill and Ostaš.
The main watercourses are the Elbe and its tributaries Orlice and Metuje. Almost the entire territory of the region falls into the Elbe River Basin and below the edge of the Odra River lies only the marginal part of the Broumov Peninsula. Sněžka has the highest point of the region, the Giant Mountains and the Czech Republic, with an altitude of 1603 m. The lowest point of the region is the Cidlin River (202 m above sea level).