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The town was founded in the 13th century by Jaroslav and Havel from the Markvartic family on a headland above Jizera river. It developed into an important center of trade and crafts. Cutting of precious stones and unique production of jewels from the Bohemian garnets made Turnov world-wide known. In 1884 Secondary school of Applied […]

Square in Sobotka

Town Sobotka

A town founded in 1498 from an original market village. The Renaissance town hall with a tower that was reconstructed in the Empire style, a Gothic-Renaissance church of St. Mary Magdalene and one or two-storey houses belong to the town´s zone of sights. Sobotka is the birthplace of the poets V. Šolc and F. Šrámek. There is a permanent exposition in Šrámek ´s […]

Bohemian Paradise nature wildlife beaver


A ruin of a small Gothic rock castle from the late 14th century and early 15th century. It was burned down after it had become a refuge of robbers. Only remnants of rooms cut in the rock, a stone tower and the peripheral walls were preserved. Groschen of Wenceslaus IV. were found here.

Malá Skála

Suché skály rocks

They used to be called the Teacher´s organ. They are also named the Czech Dolomites. A natural place of interest (23 hectares, proclaimed in 1965) situated 1,5 km from Malá skála. In the landscape, it is a really attractive sandstone sharply broken ridge.

Bohemian Paradise nature wildlife beaver


A classical chateau from 1769 which was rebuilt to gain a Neo – Baroque appearance in 1913. Nowadays it is used for economic purposes. An originally Gothic church from the 14th century, that was rebuilt in the Baroque style, has been preserved. A wooden belfry from the 18th century.

Oborský pond hiking


A romantic valley of Klenice stream flanked by sandstone rocks and pine forests between Kost castle and Střehom. The 1,5 ha Obora lake overgrown with rushes adds charm to the place. It was a favorite spot of poet F. Šrámek.


The highest peak (744 m) in the area, a part of the Ještěd and Kozákov hills ridge, a 162,83 ha national natural monument established in 1985. The hill is made of three types of rocks – melaphyre (S and SE crown with precious stones findings – in the Votrubcov quarry), sandstone (SW slope, for example, […]

Bohemian Paradise nature wildlife beaver


A lonely rock located at the edge of Hruboskalská plošina (the Hruboskalská Plateau), as if created as an observation point. We ascend to the top along stairs with railings, from whence there is a wonderful view on Turnov, Ještěd and also in the direction of Bezděz. The observation point is continuously open. Access along the […]

Šumava Mountains


Šumava or The Bohemian Forest is a low mountain range creating natural borders among the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Šumava is one of the oldest European mountain ranges, its origin dating back to the Paleozolic Era. The average annual temperatures range between three to six Celsius degrees. There is also Šumava National Park located […]