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TOP film location of Carnival Row and interesting facts

New Game of Thrones? Carnival Row is a fantasy series with starring Orlando Bloom. Came out at the end of August. Main film locations were in the Czech republic, middle Europe. With imagination, you could recognize some places but maybe locals will better with it. Read about places bellow Carnival Row is set in a fictional […]

Culture and Tradition in Czech republic

The Czech Republic boasts a total of four national traditions entered on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. These are: Falconry, the ancient art of hunting with the help of birds of prey. The Slovácko Verbuňk recruit dances. The Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov. The Shrovetide door-to-door processions and the masks in the […]

Ponds in Bohemian Paradise

Natural heritage of Czech Republic

Explore caves and rock cities, climb to the tops of mountains and observation points! A wonderful rest in the open air, beautiful scenery, and the charming corners of national parks – all that can be had from trips in the Czech countryside. Explore caves and rock cities, climb to the tops of mountains and observation […]

Czech gastronomy

The defining characteristics of Czech food are deeply connected with other Central European dishes. Due to the constantly changing borders and rulers in the area (not to mention their various ethnic backgrounds and marital ties), The first thing that needs to be understood about the Czech cuisine is that it’s not exactly known for being […]

History of the Czech Republic

Our extensive Czech History section covers over 1200 years of the history of the Czech lands, starting with the early Slavic settlement around 6th century AD and ending with Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union. Basic historical outline followed by more detailed descriptions of individual periods of Czech history – the Great Moravian Empire […]

Czech art

Czech art is the visual and plastic arts that have been created in the present day the Czech Republic and the various states that occupied the Czech Lands in the preceding centuries. The Czech Lands have produced artists that have gained recognition throughout the entire world, including Alfons Mucha, widely regarded as one of the […]

Village Monument Reserve Vesec u Sobotky


A small village situated between the Humprecht and Kost castles. There are timber cottages at the Village. It was proclaimed a village conservation area in 1995. Vesec is a popular place for film crews, who filmed many movies here, mostly fairy tales.

Jičín square czech fairy tail

Town Jičín

Freedom of the city since the early 14th century. It flourished especially in the first half of the 17th century when it was owned by Albrecht from Wallenstein. Jičín was proclaimed a town´s reservation due to its sights. The Baroque chateau (there are a museum, a town´s gallery, a permanent exposition of the work of academic painter R. Pilář and Hall […]

Malá Skála

Malá Skála

The first mentions about this summer resort in the valley of Jizera river date from 1432. On the rock ridge above the right bank of Jizera there is a romantic Pantheon and a chateau from 1700 that was later given an Empire appearance. Nowadays it is used for economic purposes. There are many folk timbered […]